Transmog: Need A Light?

I’ve already boasted everywhere, but not in my blog. That I’m gonna fix now!

I didn’t really appreciate gear transmogrification for a long time, I was just gearing up and happy with my current armor. I liked how it transformed from simpletons of first levels to bright caleidoscope of Burning Crusade to grim and brutal Northrend to scorched Cataclysm to curly Pandarian armor and weapons.

What made me mogging is when I found a really cool piece – for example, a kilt-skirt for Schlitzchen the Shaman or Mayluna the Druid. Armored underpants or cool swords of course also went to the bank slots.


I didn’t use these pants but I KNEW I must keep them xD 

Before Draenor, I used mogging only in few cases, mostly for weapons. I was never a mogging set-chaser. Normally some slots were transmogged into some of the items I already had and kept.

And so, now we got Draenor. And Draenor became infamous with presenting the ugliest armor sets in whole WoW. Seriously, be it questing items, dungeon items or raid items, it’s rarely when I want to wield a weapon or put the armor pieces on.

Thanks to Salvage Yard, I began to try some old clothes on, and soon I discovered that I rather prefer to sit at an Auction and dig through possible items to wear than wear any of Draenor stuff.

And that finally led me to collecting my first intentional mogging set:


Salash Mog

Shoulder: Brittle Flamereaver Pauldrons. It has this stalker’s vibe, it has 4 engraved hordish faces, 2 burning. First I got them from Salvage Yard, and these shoulders required many red and flaming stuff from AH.

Chest: Double Link Tunic. I chose a black one although I tried many reddish ones, but they were pinkish rather than flaming. I needed the torso to be calm rathere than bright and eccentric.

Belt: Heavy Scorpid Belt. It’s also black, because I wanted to reduce the flames a bit in the middle. Not a clown here xD

Gloves: Battleforge Gauntlets – Legs: Blood Knight Greaves – Feet: Blood Knight Boots. These 3 go well together and actually make me a Firebat. These boot-tops and glove-tops are purely hunter’s vibe, I like them very much.

Gun: Taoren, The Soul Burner. I never could imagine that I would somewhen wear this Sha-touched too-bright weapon, but I kept it in the bank. You just don’t throw away stuff like this. And wow, I found the use for it! It fitted perfectly.


I think Salash now will be very noticeable among fellow LFRs. She’s all stylish and flaming-bright, with much aristocratic black in her gear. There’s also a decent amount of sexiness: I suppose, there’s not that much body exposed to call her a slut – or you know, sometimes you put on armor underpants and bra and then your toon freezes at Frostwall Garrison or Icecrown xD. And at the same time she’s not packed in armor like a canned sprat, revealing she’s a woman :=) It’s a nice result.

Salash Mog2

Salash Mog1

 I’m definitely gonna repeat the mogging experiment with other toons.


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