Garrisons: Next Expansion?

I know, I know: it’s probably not the best time to talk of next expansion, as it was not even announced yet. But I want to meditate a bit about the “personal place” issue – what it will be like in the future.


The Aspect of Emotion 

Before Pandaria, you were a seasoned adventurer who saved the world, but when you entered some cozy house or posh decorated hall while doing quests – you may have told yourself: I want to call this place home. You were a hobo. You had to carry all your belongings with you.

So, the whole story started in the Valley of Four Winds. Blizzard gives you this farm which doesn’t only require doing household CHORES but which is more, it becomes actually YOURS. You fill it up with domestic life and decorate it with trees and furniture, and suddenly you know that it’s your place with no one running over your crops. You know that you can do some wash up and let your clothes dry here in the Four Winds while cooking something at your personal steamer and reading a book in YOUR OWN bed :=)

At Frostwall or Lunarfall Garrisons, it’s both more and less homely feeling. You definitely feel more protected behind these walls, you know that each and every person here knows who you are and reveres you, you run around the grounds while bossing everyone and giving away orders, but… if you think twice, there’s no personal corner for you. You either sleep in Barracks or in a Tavern. Again, you’re a hobo, though a respected one.

  • The future of “Farm – Garrison” in the next expansion as I see it from emotional point of view: it is very important to have your own place where you return every day. But it’s gotta be PERSONAL and HOMELY. You must have your own bunk bed in your own hut (and a customizable one too – mind the races not factions!).
  • And it shoudln’t be overcrowded: after all, you’re the lone wolf type of adventurer. When you go further, what will all these followers and workers do without no one to give them orders? Probably become drunks and form gangs, pillaging Draenei and Frostwolf Orc villages. 

The Aspect of Customization

Farm lacked it – like at all. Whatever you did, you got the same orange tree, the same furniture, the same animals in the yard.

In Garrison, you can choose what and where to build and which guards will there be. But you’re obliged to have a Herb Garden and a Mine. You’re obliged to run a full base of many buildings. You want something personal, but you end up in a traditional Alliance or Horde city. Like the guys who came from portal carefully listened to what you told them and then did like the were used to anyways.

– “Listen, I’m a Tailor, so could we please put here a Tailoring Emporium?”
– “Okay, a Tailoring Emporium – 1 piece. Mine – 1 piece. Herb Garden – 1 piece…”
– “Wait, wait, wait! What Mine?”
– “Oh, but you can’t do a base without a mine and a herb garden. We never built one without a mine and a barracks and a townhall!”
– “I – don’t – need – it. Got it?”
– “Aye, Commander. So, Mine – 1 piece, Herb Garden – 1 piece…”
– “*sigh* Mine it is…”
– “1500 gold please for your Mine”
– “What?!”

  • So, as I see it: the next expansion’s “Garrison” consists of:
  • My own shack (Gnomish or Trollish or Elvish – depends on my race). A place to crush at. A totem and skins for Tauren, a shack with gadgets for Gnome etc. No one there: no followers, no thralls and varians, no aide-de-camps. 
  • A pair of grounds for my Professions – like Profession shacks. If I’m Herbalist or Miner – ONLY then there should be Herbs or Ores income. Slaughterhouse for skins – only if I’m Skinner. And no more extra stuff. The good example maybe the Outposts: there’s only 2 buildings, a Tavern and a building YOU chose.
  • In other words, this place shouldn’t mix up the functions of a big city and your home. At your home, you get busy with your professions and have a rest. In a big city, you trade, meet people, get quests, and well, go adventurous.

What do you think? Would you like to have your own special place in the next expansion and how do you see it? Or you better return to good old hangout in capital, go rampaging somewhere else?


One thought on “Garrisons: Next Expansion?

  1. We don’t know where we will be in the next expansion, we might be back in the old world of Azeroth and Blizzard might not think that we need our own place as we got the cities there.

    In the future I would like to see something similar to a garrison and more than the farm from Pandaria. I think the garrison were one of the best things we got in this expansion because there were so many new things that came with it, new ways to get gear, toys, work with your professions etc. I agree with you that we don’t need all those NPCs and buildings because those should be in the city, not “my” home, but I like the followers and missions because it’s a fun activity to level up and gear up followers, send them on missions and get gear and stuff as rewards.


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