Surprise Your Raid Members: Amazing Lvl 100 Talents You Didn’t Know About

Trivia: on Saturday I was running my LFR for Imperator when our tank burst off with some really nasty and foul language at one of our raiders. We didn’t even start killing ogres, so you may wonder: what was the point?

The answer is: he saw a Warrior raider equipped with shield and in Protection spec who signed up as DPS. Fasten your seatbelts, because what I say may be news to you too: this raider DIDN’T make a mistake.

Why You Don’t Yell At Protection DPS Warrior
(because you missed the point)

When I put the puzzle items into appropriate slots in my mind, you can’t express enough how I was shocked, awed and happy. Gladiator’s Resolve is a 100 Talent which turns your Protection Warrior into an effective DPS.


More trivia:

  • I’m always a devoted DPS and I never, ever tank cause I hate it.
  • I have two warriors – the only repeatable class among my toons. Arms spec was bad for Backston due to weird blow animation and dissynchronized movements/sounds. So I changed her to Fury too – not really cool.
  • I always wanted to fight wielding a shield, but what are the options: Paladin – you must tank, Warrior – you must tank, Elemental Shaman – it’s decoration only.

I couldn’t wait to finish the raid encounter to logout with hunter – jump ecstatically 10 minutes around my room – login with warrior and rush to Class Trainer at Orgrimmar. Obviously it’s Rottenshield, not Backston, who gets her brand new Protection DPS spec: it’s already in her name, and it adds up some solid feet-on-the-ground vibe to agile skinny Undead.

We brought hate back to hardcore
We brought shields back to Rottenshield

What was it like? 

  1. So, I find myself with a solid 2 dozens of abilities that I’ve never seen before. First I put them onto the panel randomly and tried it with a Training Dummy. Then I learned that it’s silly cause it learns you nothing except floating yellow numbers – not killing effective rotation, not defensive cooldowns.
  2. I rushed into the fields of Nagrand and while doing quests I shuffled my panel until I was happy with it. Took me half of Nagrand to grip the idea.
  3. It’s not unlike Arms, as you have a non-offensive ability which grants you buff (also is a small-Rush useful to shorten distance in a melee with multiple targets), then you use as many blows of 3 types as you can under this short buff.
  4. There are no delays, as you constantly have some ability not-on-cooldown. So it’s press this, press that, and you don’t choose between 2 abilities, the rotation when you learn it is simple and straightforward.
  5. Being a Protection, it also provides many defensive cooldowns, which makes its survival very solid and cool.

I can’t state how happy I am. It was a gulp of fresh air, and it’s one of my favourite playing styles now. Also my Warriors are different again! Being totally enthralled with this, Rottenshield ilvl-ed from 595 to 626, finished Nagrand for quest achievement and ran her first LFR. Oh, by the way! At LFR, some boss dropped her a shield for this spec – and it’s for DPS stats, not tanking. Now I feel very confident about delivering good DPS with her.

- Meow.
– Meow.

The only drawback is that you can get this spec only at 100, so you can’t learn to play it from the start. Maybe Blizzard will make this spec a 4th one later, but for now you need to be 100 to take it.

One More Class Not To Yell At In Raids
(because you miss the point)

There’s a secret for Hunter class too. At 100, if you’re tired of pets, you can take your Lonely Wolf talent. It allows you NOT to summon your pet while adding +30% damage to your shooting performance and grants a possibility to add ANY missing buff of 9 for the raid group.

Salash, a Marksmanship Hunter, obviously got rid of pet immediately after reaching 100. She’s a sniper, so a sniffing creature doesn’t help much. And there are too many pets for other classes: Warlock, Mage, Shaman (totems) – bah.

A choice of whether to use pet or not is still possible. But don’t get surprised if your hunter doesn’t have a pet.

Check the Talents grid. 

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