Smells of Warcraft Project: Horde Races And Cities of Eastern Kingdoms



There’s little presence of Horde in Eastern Kingdoms. But we can definitely tell that they successfully claimed all the north of continent and pushing forward.

Do you know the smell of death, guys? If not, you’re so lucky. If you have ever been at a funeral – you can never forget the smell of a decaying body. This sweetish stench has no analogues. So that’s what Forsaken smell, and other undead as well. That, and an at-least-not-so-unpleasant smell of a forgotten attic (it’s stale, dust and time working together).

No wonder that Forsaken cannot be fully accepted by the Horde, all so pulsing with life and all about natural instincts. It’s not the fierce look of partly decayed bodies that appalls them, no. Some may even think that it’s cool! It’s the stench of death, which makes all living creatures avoid it merely by instinct.

Undercity – fill a moist cellar with thousands of rotten corpses, add crazy flesh and alchemy experiments. No, you don’t wanna be there, and you head up through the haunted lands to the city of Silvermoon, the very opposite.



Known for their aristocratic roots and sophisticated refined society, Blood Elves won’t let any foul odor even at their doorstep. Or in fact, even at their bathrooms. We haven’t yet detected if the race developed a natural ability NOT to smell bad, but it is true: even passing by a working Blood Elf blacksmith or builder or gardener won’t abuse your nostrils like at all.

Blood Elves are not strangers into perfume business, and keep up developing exotic flower and honey flavors. They’re not overwhelming though: you can never have a glimpse of thought that a Blood Elf standing next to you is overperfumed. No, you just inhale the mix of natural and artificial odors and gain unnoticed sympathy. Can’t cheat the nose, can you?

Silvermoon and other Blood Elf settlements down to smallest camps are not that smell-perfect though. And the reason is: unleashed use of Arcane Magic. It’s a pretty sharp metallic smell, so when concentrated in crystals that you can find all over Blood Elf settlements, it is filling the air itself. Not everyone is happy with such immense influence, and headaches were reported not infrequently from other races.



Though not exactly from Horde or Eastern Kingdoms, I’ll talk about Pandaren here. Well, all other Horde races belong to Kalimdor, so we will make the shortest post a bit longer.

So, Pandaren.

Although being bearers (pun intended) of an animal form, Pandaren race, unlike Tauren or Worgen, surprisingly doesn’t smell much as an animal. It’s healthy diet or what, but hugging a humanoid panda will give you an impression of a plush toy rather than a living creature.

And yet the smell of creature made of flesh and blood and fur is present, though not as strong as supposed to be. Nothing is to be told about their capital, as their natural habitat is commonly villages, but the said villages beat up any possible natural pandaren smell by their own smells of fresh fish, steamers, baked bread and of course beer.



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