“The Best Of…” – Mogging Issues At Draenor

The post will be mostly screenshot-bound. This time there will be few highlights – related to gear from Draenor. Draenor armor and weapon designs are sometimes very weird, sometimes very cool, so I want to share some of the most amusing examples.

Best Paladin Set Ever: Obtained From Spires of Arak Quests 


It requires only a cool hammer you get from Omor at Hellfire Ramparts, and you’re done. It’s pure light, but touched by battles. Isn’t it perfect?

Best Druidic Staff For Mogging


I like this branch! It’s most nature-related of all that I’ve seen. Wild, carnivourous and with no lavender-soap scent of common blossoming druidic sticks.


Seriously, compare it to this ugly bush. Mayluna can’t even hold it without disgust.

The Strangest Warhammers

WoWScrnShot_011115_235952 WoWScrnShot_011115_235942

Swaying this hammer has very, very ridiculous vibe. If only we could turn the beak-side forward… If you’re interested, it’s obtained from Arrakoa Archaeology Project and is account-bound. They say Terokk used the hammer to smash the beaks. When used, you will get not a broken beak but a nice round blood puddle.


And these hammers were definitely stolen from a hardware store. But they’re so elegant that feel just perfect. Still, can’t help myself thinking that they better fit for construction site rather than battleground.


P.S. While traveling to Outland for Omor’s hammer, Ilmari took a nice retrospective shot of The Two Towers:



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