In Love With Spires Of Arak

I have finished the questline for Spires of Arak once again, this time I did it with the Horde character – Schlitzchen. You know what? It’s the most amazing zone in all of Draenor. And that is why:

Bladefist Family!

There’s only a small glimpse at their citadel through an imba eyes of a great bird. But you come across the guys all the day long, and they are my favourite Iron Horde clan. Savage, brutal and looking as gothic/black metal fans.

Kargath Bladefist in Spires of Arak
– You suck! – I just crafted 640 glasses! – No, you still suck!

Cool Outposts

While in Talador, Gorgrond and Nagrand your outposts are hidden in the middle of nowhere (strategically hidden from everything, even stray beasts and birds), both Horde and Alliance blockposts are blocking the only path from Shattered Hand citadel! Moreover, an Alliance one is a beach resort. I love that feeling “on the shores at the edge of the continent” – like at Tanaris and Krasarang.

Epic Arakkoa!


I always wondered what will they be at the peak of their power. That went beyond expectations. The proud Thranduil-style racists look really magnificent and dangerous, while broken ones are nevertheless carrying the scent of dangerous dark magics. There’s no comparison with hobos from Outland, and I totally love it. The Sun magic is a hit of the year.  Their questlines are interesting but very complicated, as soon as I finish the post I’m going to read their history once again. Don’t fully get who’s the bad guy among their gods :/

Arrakoa also provide the ultimate doom weapon – it’s the first thing you see when you enter the zone, and it makes all your hair stand on its end. The zone introduction never was so epic!

A Goblin Town!

– No shit!

It’s my favourite questline here, and it’s incredible. It immediately brings back to life your memories about the first questlines in Kezan and Lost Isles. Goblins are as cheerful as Gnomes and even more crazy, so dealing with them is a mere pleasure. And Schlitzchen found in the ruins of Goblin town the exact bedroom that she had back in Kezan! She remembered the days of being a cool businessman before Cataclysm and literally cried with joy and nostalgia. Tears changed to merry hopping on the matress though.


Through Goblin questline, you also deal with mushroom infestation, and it’s both pretty gross and very amusing!

Spires of Arak - Gross Mushrooms
– It’s good that you mustn’t dig some lost goblin gear from here but rather – BURN IT ALL!


It’s the best from all the locations in Draenor. While I love the grim rough northern winds in Frostfire and lush Gorgrond’s south, I didn’t even use a mount in Spires of Arak. I just walked the paths and enjoyed the scenery. It’s the place for a vacation, really. And for living!

– My dear water blob, let’s settle here. To hell with Garrisons and everything.

Now tell me about your favourite zone in Draenor :)

P.S.: As we speak, Schlitzchen went 99,3 level and soon will be my first Hordie to achieve 100!


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