Garrisons: Blue Collar Experience

Now that my all 10 chars set up their Tier 2 garrisons and got themselves their profession shacks each, the Garrison becomes a daily chore like it was at Pandaria’s farm.

Of course it’s more fun! Even with herb garden and mine, it doesn’t get me very tired of the routine. I understand what and where I’m doing.

Your Daily Resources Income

My 5 Alliance characters dig the mine and provide an enormous amount of ore daily. The only character that benefits from ores is Microfury, my jeweller, so now she doesn’t even know where to pile up the said ore. She got herself mats more than enough for daily craft and orders – and even more than that. Crafting rings and necklaces for 4 chars (need 92 and 95 level to use them) didn’t influence much on her stocks.

Mayluna and Backston share the herb income for their Alchemy and Scribing respectively. Even with only 2 gardens level one, it’s already almost enough.

My 5 Horde characters have vice versa situation. Schlitzchen and Ilmari have to share ores for Engineering and Blacksmithing, while Zindari gets full advantage of all of the Horde’s herb income for her Alchemy.

The big trouble now is pelts and furs. Yes, you can go out of your garrison and meet HERDS ready for trapping (will take you 5-10 minutes to fill your Barn), but it’s like: I need to go outside somewhere there… meh. And getting Dust for Enchanting – you must quest, mon. So I think it’s not that fair between professions.

Garrison: Time Consuming

Collecting resources, placing orders, sending mats to each other – takes my 10 chars nearly one hour daily. And I even didn’t upgrade most of my buildings much further than level 1. Are we ever going to play and quest and do dungeons?

Good news everyone: when all the recipes and schemes will be learned and all necessary crafts will be made, I guess there won’t be a big need in resources unless you want to make some money. Even then, I see the light in the end of the tunnel. So a routine won’t be a routine anymore.

– Let’s teleport out of here and get ourselves some real action! Oh wait, there’s a new ready order from Mine that I need to pickup…

Still Not Happy With Cooking

Cause the meat drop from the animals is disasterously low and fishing is so time-consuming. I want the old schemes back! If I catch a fish or get a lump of meat, I want to fry it at once.

What’s The Endgame Of Garrisons?

Micromantica got herself Garrison Tier 3 and upgraded few buildings to Tier 2. I guess she needs some orders achievements to upgrade everything and a HUGE load of money. Her last thousand gold, she spent it to get the beloved Excavation level 3. More digging!


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