Garrisons: A Total Confusion

The post is devoted only to Garrisons and why it’s so strange for me now.


To get started with, I’m having my Garrison now at level 2, built a mine (upg:2), a herb garden, a fishing shack and Enchanter/Tailor facilities for Micromantica. Also having a reasonable pack of followers who go on missions.

My attitude may change when I have one solid lv 3 Garrison with all the upgrades, but for now that’s a total confusion!

Problems I’ve encountered.

1. The mini-game of sending followers to missions. It is fun to level them as you get an extra RPG element, but as you have so many of them, you just don’t remember which of them is which level and who they are. You just pick up suitable guys to cope with enemies, a match game suitable for kindergardens. So it slowly becomes a routine. One of the bright spots was when I sent a Draenei to work at Enchanter’s, that really gave me some nice extra bonus and I managed to remember his name. All the others, however epic figures they could have been in game, turned into “put a cube in a square hole, and a cylinder in a round hole”.

2. I’m very confused with building the structures. You need blueprints, which you can obviously buy, but not now! You don’t know when could you meet the requirements or meet the needed quest. The link between your questing lines and building your Garrison is something you can’t figure out like ever. Suddenly they give you an opportunity to buy many blueprints, but others you can’t get until you may meet or not a quest. It’s very complex. Would have done it more straightforward.

3. Gathering profession bonuses are a complete disaster. Whoever you are, you are obliged to get a mine and a herb garden from where you get an enormous, almost obscene amount of these resources flowing. It’s cool with Schlitzchen the Engineer, cause it’s get your daily ores -> go place orders -> craft something. Easy as that.

But Micromantica is a DAMN TAILOR. Some herbs are at least used with Cooking and Tailoring (?!), but why on earth do I have to gather ORE? At the same time, there’s nothing to help me with the realy needed pelt-cloths, which are btw collected now not from humanoids, but beasts (again, ?!). So, the result is that all gatherers don’t feel any special anymore. And I’m VERY short on cloths, so I can’t even place a single order the other day.

Pandaria farm was so much more well-balanced. You could grow exactly the resource you needed, and also help your alts with other resources if they needed to boost their profession.

So, it’s a big advantage to some professions while killing the opportunities to others and making everyone a master gatherer (why do we even need gathering professions now). It’s a lack of choice and customization that kills all the fun.


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