IRL Fuss: Laptop Upgrade!

As a gamer, I’m probably supposed to have a cool PC. But I simply hate PCs since I don’t like fussing about choosing and changing technical details, many stuff occupying place both at the floor and on the table and collecting dust… Yuck. So it’s laptop for me to use as a home computer system.

My old laptop was ok to play World of Warcraft with around high graphics options. Still, I needed moar, and moreover, it was noisy despite all the cleaning and extra cooling device. So I braced myself, had some money planning in the recent month and just got from the shop with my brand new Asus :=)

It’s not top-notch gaming machine, but it’s better than my old one.

Short list of most important features:

  • Screen: 17.3″ (1600×900), and all my previous ones were 15 inches. So better for movies too.
  • Intel Core i7 4210U 2.0 GHz- my previous was generation i5, so it’s an upgrade.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M 2048 MB – twice better than the old one.
  • 8192 MB – twice better than the old one.
  • HDD 1000 Gb – a 250 Gb upgrade is useful.

Can’t wait now to come home and launch my chars from the new laptop :=) But wait… OH SHI~ I need to install WoW there at first.

Hope that my new laptop will serve me well and allow to launch WoW with higher graphics and everything. Which will also result in better screenshots for the blog.

Riddle from yesterday: Will Micromantica land at Garrison safely and get started new buildings? Spoiler: NO (because garrisons didn’t work).

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