Ice Mage On Fire! Or Need Rotation Help…

– What was that spell I need to cast next?

And that’s exactly how Micromantica feels now when trying to fight a simple mob!!

All class rotation reboots went smooth to me; there were few issues with Enhancement Shaman but I fugured it out. All in all I liked the improvements with Patch 6.0.2.

But mage – a disaster now.

Micromantica was always my main, it means that I played her most of all. And I can’t figure out or perform a simple rotation now because I don’t have one.

What did we have in our disposal? 

Ok, previously, you open with Frost Bomb and it blasts in a while, causing damage. Before it explodes, you freeze the target and you’re happy with it because explosion hits harder then. You are careful to cast Frostfire bolts when it procs, you launch Ice Lances to spend your Icicles, you use Frost Orb on CD and Frostbolt as a filler. Easy as hell and you perfectly understand what to do.

Now? NO.

Let’s see what Icy Veins tell us: 

1. Apply Frost Bomb or refresh it (if it is about to expire), but only if one of the following condition holds (let it drop otherwise):
– You have 2 charges of Fingers of Frost or;
– Frozen Orb is about to come off cooldown or;
– Water Jet Icon Water Jet is about to come off cooldown.

Comment: Yeah, cool! Now you can’t open with it obviously. Instead there are THREE conditions you need to check out.

2. Cast Frozen Orb on cooldown

Comment: Yeah, if you also want to aggro 7 more mobs that were neutral cause it’s AoE. 

3. Cast Freeze from your Water Elemental (never use it while Frozen Orb is active, though).

Comment: So either it’s an opening spell or I don’t cast that, because previously they suggest me to open with Frozen Orb. 

4. Cast Ice Lance when Frost Bomb is up and you have 1 or 2 charges of Fingers of Frost. Otherwise, let Fingers of Frost build up until you have 2 charges, so that you can apply Frost Bomb, before consuming your charges. Only cast Ice Lance without Frost Bomb, if you have 1 charge of Fingers of Frost and it is about to expire.

Comment: So I don’t cast Ice Lance yet, because I don’t have procs yet.  

5. Cast Frostfire Bolt when Brain Freeze procs (you can have up to 2 charges). Frostfire Bolt can give you a charge of Fingers of Frost, so avoid casting it if you already have 2 charges.

Comment: I don’t cast that because it doesn’t proc. 

6. Cast Water Jet from your Water Elemental. Your goal is to cast Frostbolt twice while Water Jet is being channeled to generate charges of Fingers of Frost.

Comment: Ok, but I even don’t have that spell yet!!

7. Cast Frostbolt as a filler spell.

Comment: Finally I can cast anything. 

And WTF is all that? 

So. As you see, all the rotation is about procs. It maybe nice to use against a raid boss, something that survives at least for 20 seconds for procs to proc. But you cannot use ANY spell here without procs and the few ones that you can – aggro everything in the area. No openers, no rotations, no life.

It’s freaking hard and complex even to understand, save master it.

Sad gnome face

So now I simply spam everything when leveling and killing mobs. I guess I could successfully charge my cats to do that for me.


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