My First Steps On Draenor

Of course I didn’t rush into Draenor upon its opening! Even an hour before the event, the clouds and grounds around the Dark Portal were dark with swarming mounts. So I went to sleep and I’ve played like hour and a half in the morning with now a reasonable amount of other players in the starting zone.


Here are my first impressions. There will be no story spoilers (at least I’ll try not to).


Schlitzchen rushed into the portal first and found herself in a MOVIE. The starting questline is so tense, gives you a perfect feeling of danger and that you are NOT ready yet! Not with the small party of yours even if Thrall and Maraad are leading the charge!

It’s amazing how they presented all the clans and their leaders to you – fighting game style! You make a circle around the portal and meet all the clans and learn what they are up to: warlocking, blood magic, building machines and everything. The best way to present the Iron Horde we could imagine.

You also meet and help the guys from both Horde and Alliance supporting factions. While it goes well with the lore, as you are a combined force, at the same time it’s lacking “replayability”. Same starting line for Horde and Alliance, that is.

There were many cutscenes, and that’s just amazing. Everyone loves cutscenes, makes you feel that what you do is really big.


Schlitzchen managed to set up her garrison and got acquainted with how things are done here. It seems there are so many things to learn, but in the end of all it will be simple when you know what to do and how it works. Got my first follower, sent him on a mission and built barracks. Garrisons will be interesting I think as this all has the RPG element of developing and upgrading and growing stronger. Schlitzchen settled up at the first quest hub at Frostfire Ridge and logged out for good.


I guess I’m new to how Draenor works, but I didn’t like two things. First, I didn’t quite get how to learn the new skills. Schlitzchen mined her first few ores and wanted to melt it but there’s no profession teacher around (although she obtained and learned some skill parchment for Draenor mining). It means I couldn’t melt it. Second, it was fishing. I fished out some fihes (they have big and small now), and they are labeled so that you need at least 10 and 20 to put them in use for cooking. That was also not understandable and not cool yet. Again, no teachers around.


So far I saw only Frostfire Ridge and a small piece of Tanaan. I liked the jungle!! The ambience was overwhelming. As for Frostfire, it’s a harsh land and although many people say that it’s not comfortable, you’re Hordies for Voljin’s sake! You are supposed to struggle with the nature and become stronger! The creature models are very cool and feel very alive.


The best thing of Draenor is YREL. I saw her for only 1 quest and few phrases, but I want to marry her. She’s stunning beautiful, and her accent is something I could listen to for hours.


So Backston is next to establish a base so that I could start Yrel’s questlines asap.

I haven’t yet decided if I want to play with my first toons farther, or I should lead all my chars for Draenor. I think it will be the latter cause I will need all my Garrisons running as fast as possible (cooldowns and everything).

Conclusion: can’t wait to come home and continue. Great job, Blizzard, and I LOVE it.

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