Altoholism Has No Cure

There’s only a week until Draenor, and my alts have only one SoO run left. Raiding is a bit tiresome, even if it’s pretty much a fast run-through now. Oh, we had 15 minutes until server reboot yesterday, and Zindari managed to finish Blackfuse and Klaxxi.

What is left – small Tillers’ quests to become best friends (little left), finishing the Iron Tide quests for everyone (it’s also fast), and frankly I don’t want to get busy leveling pets or earning more Archaeology grinding for Micromantica now.

An empty slot from 11 available characters at my server kept itching my eyes. So yesterday I started a new character :=) SO:


I had a choice between a male Tauren and a female Draenei. It’s female Draenei – because one more girl to my girl toon-party, and I tend to like Alliance more, so now they have a small advantage (it’s 6 and 5 now). Had not trouble with choosing the face and hair and everything – Draenei are all good.


I had to choose something I didn’t play before. Classes totally untouched were:

  • Priests – no option, didn’t like healing with one before (deleted at lv 38) and shadow dps wasn’t satisfactory either.
  • Death Knights – I started like 3 of them at different times, and well, it never seemed fit with me.

So the choice is: Elemental Shaman. Schlitzchen, my goblin shammie, is Enhancement, and I totally like the grace when she swings her powerful claws or axes. But for new Draenei girl – powerful lightning casting feels just alright. Besides, I will probably try to heal with her – of all healing classes, shaman’s ways seem most comforting with me. Aaaaand – I want to wear a shield in the end of all – for at least one of my chars (while not being a tank at the same time).


Had a choice between a Blacksmith and an Engineer. It’s Blacksmith, because my Alliance 5 don’t have one. Engineering is mostly used for pets and vehicles, and that Schlitzchen provides account-wide.

Mining – an obvious support profession.


It was a tough one, but eventually I invented a nice Draenei name with doubled vowels as they like to use it.

So – it’s Klaari. When I was doing the start questlines and they mentioned my name in quest objectives – well, it’s like it always been there! Then I know it’s a good one.

To Boost Or Not To Boost?

Actually the price is high enough. As I’m upgrading my gaming laptop in a month, I better not to waste my money on it now. And leveling one character will be pretty fast. I am in no rush, as there will be a whole new Draenor to explore for other toons. So that will be a smooth, slow and nice leveling when I have time.

Screenshot is coming later.


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