Tuning More Faces – Final Leg (Gnome Warlock)

The last character that wasn’t good enough for me was my Gnome Warlock – Microfury.

Still, her new face was very sinister and solemn. It didn’t feel like “Microfury” with each login:


So, I spent half an hour at barbershop again.

Here go the changes:

1. Face – I chose the turqoise-eyed model. It reminds me of Vasiliy Fet, the guy with extremely light blue eyes from Guillermo del Toro’s “The Strain” TV series.

2. Haircut – no bare neck ones, cause what you see when running is big gnome ears. So – a big pony-tail to add the devil-may-care spirit.

3. Hair color – light blue to fit the face.



Nailed it!

So – 5/5 for every of my toons now.


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