Things Before WoD And Night Elven Face

19 days are left – guys, it’s less than 3 weeks! So let’s review my small progress again.

1. Rottenshield hit Exalted with Celestials on Saturday, and ta-dam! Royal Satchel recipe is hers now. 3 bags at once (2 for herself, 1 for Salash), and 7 more to go. I will finish it nevertheless after silk cooldown will be off when Draenor starts. Btw, getting you from Neutral to Exalted took me like 1,5 weeks only. So it’s never late if you want some reputation, even now.

2. I’m madly grinding all the Tillers’ reputations for all of my chars until Best Friends. I’m doing very good, but there are some nuances. First, most of the Tillers have extra much-reputation quests – like chasing a sheep for Chee Chee, helping with brewing for Ella, finding jewels for Tina, killing vermin for Sho. But some of them don’t, and the most difficult guys here are Old Hillpaw and Fish Fellreed. So second: you must feed them. It’s easy with Jogu, Gina, Fung, Haohan and Ella (easily obtainable 5 ingredient items for starter-recipes daily), but foods for others require at least 550 cooking skill in each path and a pair of must-grind ingredients (of course, if you don’t want to waste a couple of thousands at AH). So waiting for raids I’m normally making some severe runs around the land, grinds and fishing.

3. The ghostly aim of dressing up my chars in Siege of Orgrimmar once again became… not unreachable. I spent only 2 hours yesterday for Chitsuro – 3 quarters of SoO LFRs (even not every boss done), and she got SEVEN 528 slot-unrepeatable items! Two of them are from monk’s collectible tier, btw.


I don’t wear helmets, but a ninja cloth over my snout? Yes! And it’s also weird how a Windwalker got a dress. I guess it’s not very cool to perform roundhouse kicks now. Well.

Tuning More Faces

For Mayluna’s face, my Night Elf druid, I wasn’t very happy – 4/5 at my scale, and she has to be perfect as all others. So I did some tuning, chose her the pre-arranged previous face, and the trick not to make her silly-looking was to add playful pony-tails, change hair-color and change the corpsepaint. Voila – I totally love her now. 5/5, and one of the most beautiful girls among my chars:





P.S. And still: there’s an option that I make Microfury with the one and only face I truly like about gnome females now. So she and Micromantica will be twins then :=) Considering that their names are alike, could be cool. And that will totally be an end to my remodelling journey.


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