Tuning More Faces

After the first days when all the excitement and embarassment about new models calmed a little, I reviewed some of the new looks again.


Yes, she will keep her new looks that I chose from her. She’s still a bit grim, but it will do with a warlock. See, even children approve it and want to hug her!



The trick was actually to select the right haircut. All her history she was running with a green mohawk and braids:


But now I remembered the beauty from Zangarmarsh troll camp, and made her haircut like this:


That’s MUCH better. Only the white color that was at an original troll girl suits more for a caster. Since she’s a Rogue, she had to be more sneaking. So – grayed:


Now that’s a girl you want to ask out on a date!

The only drawback is that her ponytail funnily bumps up and down when running. But I guess I could live with that.


The renewed sinister looks were changed in to a beautiful, but bony face:


She felt so awkward, so disproportional and tall. So I had to do some changes. First, it’s the face (not so long). I saw a cool girl at Thunder Bluff with exactly the face I wanted and went to Barbershop to get the same. And second, it’s the haircut which must not add to the overall height but be more calm and cover the neck too – to make all the figure more balanced, less stretched. Aaaaand a bit of rotting festers to make face not so awkwardly smooth. Strange enough, but these festers made her way more interesting and more cute – maybe because they act like warpaint or extra shadows:



That did the trick. Another girl to be asked out :=)


I’m still not happy with her outlooks, so she’ll be reviewed again in a while.

So, my points for final results: 

  • Micromantica: 10/5 (!)
  • Microfury: 4/5
  • Backston: 2,5/5
  • Mayluna: 4/5
  • Salash: 4/5
  • Zindari: 5/5
  • Rottenshield: 5/5

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