Things Before WoD: Updated-2

One more glance at my Things Before WoD to-do-list, and here’s what we see.

1. Professions.

  • All my chars now maxed their main professions up to 600.
  • All my chars now are Zen Masters in First Aid and their respective Cooking Ways.
  • Most of them have completed their realistic goals to craft what has to be crafted.
  • No point to charge Chitsuro with crafting 553 legs and belt for herself and Mayluna: with daily cooldowns, there will be no time – and when Draenor hits the ground, also there will be no use cause quest rewards will be better.
  • Still a question if Backston will learn to craft all glyphs. While she doesn’t miss a day to learn a new glyph, the whole glyph list at official website doesn’t match with her actually learned ones, and now the whole glyph system was changed. But she’s trying.
  • New goal for Rottenshield: Royal Satchels for all hordies. It’s at least 10+ bags (two for every of them), but two stop signs here: Exalted with August Celestials to get a recipe (she was grinding it, so 4-5 days) and cooldown on Imperial Silk. She has mats for 3 bags already, and hopefully when Silk cooldown will be off with WoD, she’ll do it in a blink of an eye. So recipe is the main goal now – and collecting enough mats through Farm too.

2. Tillers Reputation

  • I need my farms to be fully equipped with a rich domestic life, an orange tree from Sho, a mailbox from Gina, a furniture from Tina. And a drunkard in my pond of course. Summer houses! I think I manage to be Best Friends with all of them – and for all of my chars. It’s actually very fun, requires doing calm dailies while waiting for raids, and cooking LOTS of food. Tip: when I fly throughout farmlands for quests, I also look at the ground for dark soil blobs to dig out extra small 900 rep thingies. I’ll be missing the farm I think.

3. Complete Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar LFRs for everyone. 

  • Just to put a tick.

4. Dressing Up In Siege of Orgrimmar Gear

  • First I wanted to try and dress my latest 4 toons in the gear that at least has an impact on my looks: that is, weapons, chest, gloves, leggins, shoulders and boots (the latest – from pre-arranged cool sets). Now let’s be realistic: it won’t work. There’s 3-4 weeks left, and chances to be cool and lucky are not very high. I ran all quarters of SoO with Mayluna yesterday, and she got 2 staves, a ring and a necklace. Sheer luck, even while she used Warforged Seals for every significant boss. But I will try nevertheless.

5. Completing quest chains from Iron tide for everyone.

  • Did for 1 hordie, 1 ally. Both identical and dull. But I’m a perfectionist *sigh*

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