Mending Your Farm, Or What Else You Don’t Know About Halfhill?

As Draenor comes closer and closer, Halfhill farm will most probably mean nothing for you in little less than a month. So, this hint maybe a bit late. But as I’m constantly busy with my alts’ professions, I use farming daily now for mats, and that means like 35 days of planting and collecting crops.

So, if you are still crushing daily at Halfhill like I do, consider this.

As you all know, there are several types of calamities that happen to your plants as soon as you sow them. I like to handle with hawks and virmen, cause you collect them in one mob party and AoE them. I like using water barrel and that device that eradicates small flies because it’s also a good AoE in one click. What I hate is when you have to cope with each plant one by one. One of these disasters is when you have to pull a big strong vine out for 15 meters.

Tell me one thing: how do you do it?

Most probably you always did it the same way as I did: backing, taking small steps. But not longer than 2 days ago I discovered a better way to do it: you turn and RUN AWAY, holding the vine.


Of course it’s not a proper running, cause the vine holds you. But nevertheless it saves you a bit time. And if you knew that from the very beginning, it would save you precious gaming minutes, if not hours – cause you can’t possibly count how many vines you pulled out since when Pandaria started.

When Draenor hits you and you’ll be all up into garrisons – who knows if there will also be some small things to save your time from daily routines.

You could share any hints from daily routine that you are using yourself.


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