Things Before WoD: Updated!

Warlords Of Draenor

What do you personally do before the expansion hits you right in the eye?

Back in Summer, I posted my to-do list of what I want to do in-game before Draenor – Things to Do Before WoD. It included several major things, and most of them considered getting all of my chars equally ready for the expansion.

As tomorrow I’m off to my vacation to Japan, I’ll be offline both from my blog and WoW, so I think today is the day when I can draw some line and review my list.


1. Leveling my chars up to 90. Yes, they all came to the finish! Mayluna, the Night Elf Balance Druid, was the last to hit the level 90. While questing, I did some Krasarang and Kun Lai Summit with all of them. Mayluna and Zindari leveled the rest at Dread Wastes with Klaxxi and Chitsuro and Rottenshield covered Townlong Steppes with Shado Pan. I never had to finish either of the locations, it was smooth and pleasant. Check!

2. Leveling Halfhill farm up to 16 slots. When you’re 90, it takes you 3 or 4 days, and the questline is adorable and interesting. While Chitsuro and Zindari are already finished, Mayluna and Rottenshield most likely will do the same today. Check!

3. Gear up till raiding Throne of Thunder. It was easy with Timeless Isle (and – for the Horde chars – 553 belt and leggins). Only Rottenshield is left, but she never hit Timeless Isle before – she will today. The rest have already run the first quarter. Check!

4. Level up Pandarian Cooking Skills until 600 in their respective Ways (Strength, Agility or Intellect), Rottenshield is an outsider again here, but I think I will finish this today. So – check!

Btw: is it Pandaren race thing that you can level up further? Cause to get Chitsuro to the achievement, she had to reach 615 points, not 600! 

5. Professions: leveling chars should have hit 600 points – check! And the rest should have made some daily craft of a rare material to complete the goals. They did – it’s actually time and only time. Check! (Schlitzchen will have her 15 days for Zindari’s Living Steel until WoD, and 4 more days for Blingtron too!).

6. Gearing up to and from Siege of Orgrimmar. I think that as it’s only sheer luck, they won’t be dressed by Draenor in their respective cool outfits – 5 weeks left. Shame :)

What shall I do when I return? New goals are set up!

1. We will still try and dress up – so raiding, raiding, raiding!

2. Green Fire – I will try and do the quest for Microfury. Will do the grinding, yes I will.

3. Get a proper farm for all guys – for me, it’s furniture and mailbox from the Mudclaws.

4. Erhm… maybe some Archaeology and Rep achievements for Micromantica (if I have time)

5. Maybe some pet battles to level up and have fun.

See? No chance to get bored!

CYA in 2 weeks.

P.S.: Sorry, but no legendary cloaks for me, not even for Micromantica :( I’m not feeling like grinding the same old raids, again and again (stopped like at where you need living steel and 20 more things).

P.P.S.: I think that long leather outfits for casters are the best idea ever. And this robe for Mayluna from Throne of Thunder is just WOW! I definitely keep it for mogging ^_^



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