Zindari: Of Trolls, Troll Gods and Troll Monuments

When Zindari took a glimpse at Drak’Tharon Keep, she already knew that all the Horde’s business will be put aside and she will spend the rest of her Northrend vacation investigating her troll relatives.

Sadly the Drakkari tribe went all mad with all the Scourge trying to push its way into their lands. Well, who wouldn’t? But local zandalari cannot greet their ways of course because it involves murdering troll gods in a desperate attempt to strengthen themselves against the Lich King. So the once glorious land of Zul’Drak is all about ruined temples. As a worshipful troll, Zindari joined the spirits of the animal gods to destroy Drakkari’s mad prophets.

Sseratus Dead
Sseratus is dead!

Prophet of Sseratus
– Consumed by madness, prophet of Sseratus

The prophet already sucked his power. To avenge the cause, it took some essences from water elementals and poisonous mushrooms to prepare a serum. The beast happily swallowed it and was immediately weakened so that Zindari could fight him. The local trolls really know about alchemy here. Few recipes to my troll’s cookbook.

– How’s that, mon?

Many stabs with poisoned daggers (she couldn’t help but use the serum on her weapons too), and the mad snake prophet just collapsed on the steps of the altar.

Road to Zim'torga
– What’s so cool about Zul’Drak are the spectacular stairs. Each and every stair opens a vast plain with imperial major passage leading you up.

A small way to the south, Zindari entered the cozy troll village of Zim’Torga.

Zim'Torga Gates
– That’s one of the few places in Northrend whre you are really welcomed! And one of the few places in whole Azeroth where you’re welcomed by trolls.

It’s inhabited by friendly zandalari who know exactly how to try and cope with the sequences of Drakkari madness.

– You go and put your daggers in da rogue trollz throats.

While Ahunae always claims that the numbers of Drakkari are to be reduced (always a good advice), a troll shaman guiding elementals offers you subtler tasks – and it really makes sense.

Troll shaman girl in Zim'Torga
– Aye, I teach you how to cope with da consequences.

First, we must cope with the next-door pool site. I wonder why they even built these pools, as it’s always frosty here. Ice-skating?..

– Those cauldrons don’t let dem trollz at Zim’Torga to talk with the spirits of gods. Take ’em down!
Ducking a troll
– Da troll dropped some candybars. When they’re defrosted, would be some nice snacks to use with local mint tea.

With cauldrons down, zandalari were able to deal with the gods at last. Our next goal is Har’koa, the kitty god. Despite its size and all the wisdom, Zindari couldn’t help but pat her a bit (secretly).

– Tiny troll, you must destroy the prophets of Quetz’lun, deal with corruption for bear and mammoth altars… – Will do. Maybe you want some milk, oh mighty spirit?
– Self-destruction is not an option imo.
Bear god of trolls
– There’s actually nothing to be done here but my faitful knives used on the corrupted creature.
– Thank you. That’s a relief. – Just as you say.
– Oh, but stomping the mad Drakkari with a mammoth is how we should do here throughout the zone. Can I keep it? Shame.

Quetz’lun is really nasty. Even towards those who come to help, she promises to eat us alive.

– Your feathers were beautiful, you know. – How – do – you – DARE?!

The mean spirit won’t let the mockery come easy, so she sends Zindari to the spirit world. Never a vacation. But her twisted ideas of what to do with the troll leaders is really worse. MUCH worse.

Revenge of Quetz'lun
– One – you’ll spin and be ripped to pieces by the whirlwinds.
Revenge of Quetz'lun
– Two – you’ll be turned in stone and suffer FOREVER!
Revenge of Quetz'lun
– Three – you’ll be frozen to death and shattered to pieces!

Shivering with what she just saw, Zindari gladly left this place. Luckily she close her eyes and didn’t even peep at what Quetzlun did to the prophet himself. Next stop – an interesting fight with a troll who builds an army of Tiki warriors.

Tiki Warriors at Zul'Drak
– Ooh! After I’m over with them, I DEFINITELY take those masks back home.

Although a scientist zandalari (they have scientists? Um…) asked her to bring everything related to troll legacy back to Zim’Torga, Zindari couldn’t help and buried a full sack of Tiki masks near the place. The rogue will sell them later for a HUGE amount of gold. And one to be hung at home. Better than any painting.

Troll keys
– Say, you’re no match, mon!

Zindari quietly ripped the guts from the big troll’s family and collected key parts to release Tiki fury on the leader himself. The bloodbath is censored here.

Akali and Gundrak
– I want to be a princess and live in this palace!

Along with stunning site of Gundrak, Zindari also detects the last living god (except Har’koa). He’s trapped, and Zindari sneaked and picked all the locks that kept him in chains.

Akali's Fury
– Oh my! That’s better than a gladiator’s ring! Whooo!

The enraged beast god Akali smashed the whole lot of troll in front of the temple. Unluckily reinforcements from the palace arrived and killed the poor thing.

– I rip your guts and spit on your corpse. – No, I rip your guts and spit on your corpse.

The last prophet was not defeated easily. It took Har’koa’s help too, but Zindari finally stabbed him in the heart. Drakkari down – hope she will never see them before.

With blood washed from her hands in snow, Zindari made a last round flight to take some pictures with a goblin camera, provided by Schlitzchen. That’s something she will show to her tribe at home back in Echo Isles.

Gundrak from the top
– I was at da top of da world! I was shouting at da Drakkari trolls from Gundrak palace roof like a real princess!
Drakkari Idol
– And this is how they pray here. Put your frozen toads to the idol.
Blighted Zul'Drak
– Da blight touches everything. You no want live here, air is not healthy.
– Dem things bless you. Dey like blessings.
Zul'Drak Amphitheater
– And here trolls fight. I fought too.
Goblin fights
– Oh, this thing is cute! Do you sell it? – 57,000 gold coins. – Later, mon.

And although a message from the warchief came, Zindari couldn’t help but make one last return to Grizzly Hills and take a picture of an ancient dwarf city.





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