Selfies for 80s!

By the end of weekend all my leveling girls reached 80 and peered at the eye of Maelstorm where Thrall struggles hard with Cataclysm.

Thrall in Maelstorm

Although the stories of the end of their Northrend adventures arecoming (Zindari at Zul’Drak and Chitsuro at Sholazar and Storm Peaks), I decided to draw a line here and make all my chars’ selfies at this step.

Would be nice to peer at their gear after a while when they move further (and have their character models changed too).


Micromantica Level 90 – geared SoO


Microfury Lv 90
Microfury Level 90 – geared SoO


Backston Lv 90
Backston Level 90 – almost geared SoO


Mayluna Lv 82
Mayluna Level 82 – geared from Cataclysm quests


Chitsuro Lv 80
Chitsuro Level 80 – geared end-Northrend set


Salash Lv 90
Salash Level 90 – geared SoO


Ilmari Lv 90
Ilmari Level 90 – geared SoO


Schlitzchen Lv 90
Schlitzchen Level 90 – geared SoO


Rottenshield Lv 90
Rottenshield Level 80 – geared starting Cataclysm set


Zindari Lv 80
Zindari Level 80 – geared starting Cataclysm set

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