WoD Cinematic and Release Date

Me and some beers, we watched the epic presentation of WoD in yesterday’s evening.

Now I want to know more about these guys!

Many people on the official website were writing comments like: “Quit babbling! Give me the release date and fuck off!”. I don’t understand a shit about this attitude. Even though Ion, Brian and Chris were talking most of the time about the things we already know, the most important features were summarized to a very smooth and informative presentation. And it’s always a pleasure to listen to the creators of the game. Just watching how their eyes glistened with excitement – you understand how much they really care about their universe. Even more than it could be imagined.

Alright, on to the videos. 

The overall in-game presentation – I saw many videos on YouTube about WoD, admired the locations before, but I just better put this aside for my real in-game experience. After all, it’s when you’re exploring and running with your own feet and fighting with your own hands makes your real attitude. But! There’s were 3 things I nearly cried out loud for. Iron Docks and Grimrail Depot will be my favourite dungeons – so steampunk, brutal and cool! That’s a real Iron Horde’s might! And I liked how raiders arrive from the ground to an Ogre coliseum. That would be incredibly epic. Btw, I find ogres very interesting, it’s so cool they now have a big time and space in the story at last.

Lords of War – as Shaohao videos were smooth and resembled few drawings put together, the Lords of War are some much more dynamic and comics-like. I nearly felt the pain when Kargath tore his hand off – these bloody flashes were more brutal than if they actually showed the process. And that’s a hero of course. You just respect the fellow despite all his cruelty.

Warlords of Draenor Cinematic – it’s fucking gorgeous! I liked how they reprised the scene from Warcraft 3 – only this time Garrosh was here to save Grommash from Mannoroth (btw, what’s that wave from the dead demon that killed him? I always wondered). As for characters – absolutely sane and epic Garrosh (though I hated him MUCH in Pandaria), perfect Gul’dan! I watched the cinematic both in official russian and english – and Gul’dan’s voice is made so much better in russian. It has some old man’s voice modulations, which suit him as a warlock best. As for Grommash – his beady eyes arouse many questions… not only in me.

Date of release – November 13! It’s perfect cause now I can finish all my goals (except maybe gearing up in SoO cause it’s so lottery) at a smooth pace. As my 4 leveling chars are now 76 – 76 – 80 – 81, I will manage to level them up and get some decent gear (they’re already have half-wardrobe of Timeless Isle things in their banks).

So, I’m freaking happy. 


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