Chitsuro: Blobs and Scalpel

We left Chitsuro when she headed to have a rest at a Gnome tavern in Borean Tundra. Awaken with a small hangover (and her tongue now tasting like tin too), she decided not to rush to the necropolis but rather do something peaceful before lunch.

Oil Pump
– Like pumping oil for mighty Gnomish bombs.

Also Gnomes asked her to conduct a survey of Nerubian holes where to put those bombs later.

– That’s a hell of a hole. Check.

Returning the map with BIG RED crosses to the Gnome base, she felt like yesterday’s alcohol won’t rush up back even if she deals with the Undead henchmen. So the monk now flies to the fallen necropolis – although ruined, it still swarms with Scourge and threatens our northern base in tundra.

Funny enough, the penetration inside the wretched fortress was easy. All she needed was a magic trick performed with stupid guards.

Abominations at Talramas
– Welcome to the glorious city of Talramas! Please provide your Cult of the Damned ID. – I don’t have any… Wait, what’s that on the floor?
Abominations at Talramas
– Where?!

The blobs both bend, bump their heads and severely injure each other. Injuries are sadly incompatible with life (and un-life).

All that was left is to pummel the spirit out of their masterminds. Despite a very, very sharp scalpel, the mad doctor was eventually brought to the floor and accidentally broke all his limbs and spine and hit a table with his skull. 6 times.

Mad Doctor in Talramas
– No rehab for you either.

Now, area secured, Chitsuro could finally head north in search of Hemet Nesingwary. But one more sparkling beer from the Gnome airport bar.


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