Rottenshield: Corpses of Zul’Drak – Goodbye, Northrend!

While Zindari traveled around Grizzly Hills, she left Rottenshield some issues to deal with in the Eastern Northrend.

She observed a funny Darkspear troll who tried to cheat the warlord of the fortress. He barely escaped breaking his legs for masking furs with flour and coal. He was extremely lucky that an orc fighter felt a glimpse of pity towards him.

Troll Idiot
– You bloody idiot! Next time you crawl without legs!

In the fortress, the Undead came across the Horde’s most efficient warrior who let her take a few fighting lessons from him. As a dual wielder, she’s comparatively weak in defensive combat – and creatures here, especially Vrykul, hit strongly and furiously.

Nazgrim in Grizzly Hills
– Sgt. Nazgrim, teach me some defensive moves. – My pleasure, warrior.

With newly obtained knowledge, she followed the paths of the local bears. A corrupted demigod needed to be put down not to disturb the Horde forces on their march. With the help of an orc shaman hero and a local furbolg, Rottenshield engaged into an epic battle that still makes her joints creak.

Even with a healing backup, charging a deity is a challenge. 3, 2, 1, go!

With bear demigod down, Rottenshield couldn’t make it further and took a rest at a tranquil village of Grizzle Maw furbolgs. Busy with civil fights, they didn’t pay much attention to her, so she could mend her wounds in peace and observe one of the most magnificent pictures of Northrend:

Grizzle Maw
– Taking a few hours of sitting in its bottom brings peace even to an Undead heart.

Next and one of the last stops in Northrend for Rottenshield is the land of Zul’Drak, an amphitheater zone of troll legacy. While Zindari craves to explore the troll-occupied parts of Zul’Drak (maybe even pick a pair of ancient gems and voodoo artifacts for her home), Rottenshield came across Argent Crusade – there appeared few issues with violent Scourge attacks on their base.

Argetn Crusade Base
– So, you’re attacked by the Scourge? Here, in Northrend? You don’t say!


– Really? You want me to eradicate THIS?

Of course, you need a pair of tanks or destroyers to even attempt slaying Trym. So Rottenshield would rather get busy with something of her size. For example, are you Argent party comfortable with that Vargul base with deadly experiments by your side? No?

Vargul Base in Zul'Drak
– Slay ’em all!
Dwarf Boiled in Acid
– I’m not feeling a passion to dwarves, but this fate is horrible, really. Boiled in acid alive.

And she found a caged giant. He could prove a valuable ally, but Argent engineers calculated like 10 ingredients for a bomb to blow up this lock. And not a single one of them could be obtained from the ground, including the dozens essences of the Scourge soldiers.

– I would help you, Gymer, but banshees here are too fierce. My prince is in another cage. Sorry ^_^

So, Rottenshield scratched the map for the followers on a piece of parchment and headed to Dalaran to take a teleport out of unfriendly Northrend.

Scourge Vargul Camp in Zul'Drak
– Zindari, you better follow me soon after you finish your digging among troll ruins.

One last thing to do: pet fight! Who could guess that ghouls are capable of pet training?

– Wilding, Bandicoot and Elbereth – I choose you!

P.S. Yes, my maggot is called Elbereth. But we’ll talk of pets later :)


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