Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul

After sleeping over the matter, Mayluna decided to take a look at her possible destinations at Icecrown. And you know what? This Ebon Blade bastard has the ugliest sense of humor! Let others deal with Fleshwerks – it’s not only crowded with abominations and flesh giants, it actually PRODUCES them.

Not to spend her weekend in vomit (and if it only were from spirit drinks), the druid decided to deal with Vrykul matter instead. As everything within Icecrown, this would include dead guys as well, but at least in fresh air and in mix with alive enemies.

As all weak-minded races, the Vrykul are obsessed with measuring whose… erhm… sword is longer. So we headed to their trial grounds to prove that it’s even shorter than a female druid’s healing staff.

Trial Vrykul Ground
– They could build stout keeps though. I wondered how many Vrykul or slave deaths it took to cut the plateau out of these steep icy cliffs.
– I heard that Sylvanas had an intention to employ these girls after the Lich King is down. You have to admit she has taste.

After defeating the feeble opponents (piece of cake), Mayluna headed straight to their leader. A pair of insults, and he’s waving his rusty sword to try and get Mayluna’s neck.

Vrykul Thane
– I know a pair of secrets about you mom.

Not a chance against entangling roots and wrath of nature. Mayluna thinks they will review the significance of magic thingies in their scale of values.

Dead Vrykul
– P-p-please avenge me.

It’s not that Mayluna cared about this Vargul or whatever he was before. But as long as it includes kicking more arrogant Vrykul asses and dealing with the deep burrowed mad Scourge scientists, she would accept his bidding.

Vrykul and Fireball
– Yet one more ass-kicker. At least he summons fireballs. But he’s as dim-witted as all the others.

And finally we found a flesh giant. Damn it, why couldn’t they build them in a well-ventilated area? Why always catacombs?

Flesh Giant
– Now, go and kill your creator. – Yes, maaaaster druuuuid. – Don’t breathe at me. Just don’t.

Whoo, fresh air finally. Obsessed with Lady Nightswood the Banshee, the bone witch of Vrykul offers… wait? More fighting with champions?

Bone Witch in Icecrown
– Go and fetch me their champion. – Is he dead and stinks too? – No, just sleeping this time.
Ice Elementals
– I guess they use these pools to keep their Vrykul beers cold.
Vrykul champion
– For a single moment I thought that their champion could be a cunning wizard. No, same oaf as the others. Dream on.

And with some unnecessary flights here and there (why did we need this “champion” anyway?) we finally lured out the biggest giant of this wretched dim-wits. At least his defeat meant luring out the Lich King himself. Can’t really leave Northrend and not deal with him in person. They could put it in their must-visit brochures.

Lich King and Balagarde
– Come to Icecrown and I kill you there. – Why not here? – You insist? – No, just a figure of speech…

Chilled to the bone, Mayluna thought that disabling the Vrykul wing of Lich King’s army would make enough help for Alliance onslaught. Two more things to do:

Ebon Blade Night Elves
– Running a round of honor with the Elven Death Knights. Just to make sure that no more Vrykul want to show their swords to her.

– and taking a swim in the chilly depths of the most northern sea in Azeroth. It’s freaking frightening, if you ask her. Can’t really see a thing, and even when turned into a sea animal form with lots of natural fat is challenging. But you can’t miss the attraction to tell to your kids later!

Ice Swimming
– One more minute, and even my healing skills can’t cope with fast coming kidney problems in this cold.

A message from Moonglade now requires her immediate presence – it will take all druids to heal the injured Hyjal!


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