Zindari: Troll Legacy and Grizzly Sights

Zindari finally touched the legacy of Northrend trolls.

Drakkari Crypt Altar
– Mon, that’s a cool tombstone! Local dead don’t rest in piece but rather prefer to party around.

For some reasons the dead Drakkari spirits want both to return to their graves and escape out of the crypt. Not sure why they couldn’t come to an agreement about this.

Let’s start with the easiest thing cause it doesn’t involve anyone mischievous and powerful.

Troll Burial Rites
– An older troll spirit taught me some burial rites. Hope I properly understood his instructions muttered in ancient Zandali.

Wait, I heard some rattle from the back room of the catacombs. There was some human who obviously had some troubles with lockpicking. It’s that big juicy salmon piece that my troll ate in the morning, so Zindari was in good mood and coped with the rusty lock in few seconds.

Harrison Jones in Grizzly Hills
– This human claims he knows how to deal with troll crypts better than me. Why then he was locked in a cage?

Trolls and snakes, always walking side by side. So when they met one majestic serpent, Zindari let the boastman cope with it all by himself. She’s after troll burial rites here, after all.

– Charge! – No, you – charge, me – watch.

Alright, he’s not a boastman. So when the serpent was down, both headed to the surface. Zindari said farewell and proceded with the rites.

Zindari and Harrison Jones
– I’ve got more things to do here.

Through some magical slumber dust from the crypt, the big troll spirit was overfed and down. And hundreds of troll spirits emerged from the crypt!

Big Troll Spirit
– What did you feed me?! Arghh…
Drakkari Spirits
– That’s fun! Can I invite you for my wedding entertainment?

*I desperately wanted a theme from Benny Hill Show at the moment*

With all the spirits freed/put to rest in peace, Zindari made her last flight around the area. The forests here are very, very much beautiful and have lots of pleasant sights to see.

First, there’s a giant parade.

Strolling Forest Giants
– They could ruin a village in no time, but while busy, it’s impressive to observe these forest striders.

Second, a mysterious Grizzle Maw tree and finest houses outside it. Furbolgs in Kalimdor have nothing compared to that, only dark stuffy caves and roots.

Furbolg House at Grizzle Maw
– Too bad there’s a raging war between furbolg tribes – I could easily stay in this cozy house for a day or two. Wait, the host is coming – I better run for good.

Third, fresh air from Northrend pines and small rivers rich with salmon.

Grizzly Hills River
– Mommy, I saw a bear behind that tree!

*This strongly reminds me of Karelia, Finland or forests around St:Petersburg*

Not far from the place Zindari came across a TROLL-HUNTING camp. Though they didn’t kill her at once (it required many hand-waving and shouting both in Horde’s and Alliance’s common languages), it would possibly be an option.

Troll Hunting Camp
– I’m – not – from – the Scourge – or – even – local!

There’s a poor thing in a cage. In a while, when the fuss is settled, Zindari must try and make him escape.

Drakuru in a cage
– Zindari. – Drakuru. Cut your hand and shake mine. – No problem, mon. Back in Kalimdor, I do that on a daily basis.

Considering what the first friendly-talking Drakkari troll says, Zindari will have an exquisite opportunity to learn about the trolls’ past, present and future here. And he was not lying: the very first place he sends the rogue to is the fortress that modest Kalimdor troll could only dream about.

– Drak’Tharon Keep – that’s what they call it. It’s wow. Just wow!

But it will be visited later – now to Horde base to the south to get some salmon piece. Damn, I like those salmons.

Conquest Hold
– I better sleep here, or those mons at troll-hunting camp may have an idea to cut me ears in the dead of the night. No, thanks.

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