Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!

When the recruiting officers asked Mayluna to fly for the Alliance flying fortress above Icecrown, she never knew that it will involve fraternizing with the Undead. Me, a nature-loving druid, to smell the stench of Arthas’ ex-hounds!

Flying Alliance Battleship
– I’ll meet most valiant Alliance officers here by all means. That’s an honor!
Flying Battleship of Alliance and Mayluna
– Now, we must learn what they want from us here in the frontline.
– Greetings, Night Elf   – No offence, but you smell like my cat’s litter.

Trying to get rid of this “honorable Alliance officer”, Mayluna spread her wings and darted off the ship as fast as she could. She nearly clashed with the observing Great Eye she was supposed to take down.

The Eye at Icecrown
– Wait, I think I saw this in my dreams… Only it was a fiery one. Ah, nevermind.

With Lich King blinded (for the time-being) Mayluna descended to get acquainted with yet another ally that smells flowers. Dead and rotten flowers. Compost.

Baron Sliver
– Baron Sliver? Yuck… At least you kinda look good… Looked good when you were alive.

She never suspected that they will make it easy for her, sending her to collect some herbs or healing the wounded. Truly so, the task that undead elf has for Mayluna is ripping souls or whatever they do from the Arthas’ most powerful servants nearby. At least she could blast them, but it doesn’t liberate her from digging in their guts.

– How do you manage to stink too, being a spectre?
Vile the Abomination
– Boys and girls, druid traning can lead you to doing THIS. By Elune, there’s nothing more disgusting *vomits*
The Leaper Dead
– Ugh… at least this one smells like a sack of dust. I couldn’t bear another abomination.
– What’s you name again? The Leaper? – Mfglrgh.  – Nice to meet you.

Baron Sliver says that there’s a very, very dangerous Scourge leader inside the building and Mayluna needs help from her new “mates” to take him down.

Forge of Death Knights
– Can I do it alone? Please…
– No! VILE SMASH! *Mayluna vomits again and does so until the fight is over*

Sick and barely standing on her legs, she asks the new mayor of Shadow Vault to give her a new assignment – which won’t include any more abominations.

Shadow Vault
– There are nasty, nasty, nasty dangerous Vrykul villages and a nice place in the south called Fleshwerks – your choice.

Well, Mayluna didn’t like Vrykul at all, so Fleshwerks? Sounds promising.


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