Please more time until WoD!

Though I strongly want a new expansion, I still hope that it’s released not until at least late October. I really want to get my 4 chars to Pandaria and dress them in LFR tiers of Thunder and Orgrimmar!

Easier for me, I never wear helmets, cause it’s not why I spent many minutes choosing my characters’ faces, face traits and haircuts only to be replaced with some (ugly) bucket. So not-from-tier helmet will do of course.

Backston yesterday ran one more round for warrior’s outfit. I got shoulders and breast plate left for her to be cool – that means Sha of Pride and Blackfuse.

But –

– Sorry, Backston, your breast plate is in another castle.

She’ll try and take down Blackfuse tonight.

Meanwhile, she finds peace while sleeping in Pandaren village of Halfhill.

Backston sleeping in Halfhill
– *ZzzzZ*



2 thoughts on “Please more time until WoD!

  1. That’s me too! I badly want the expansion to come, but at the same time I have so much to do before it hits! I need more legendary cloaks (like a hole in my head…) and I want to level up more of my characters. So much to do, so little time!

    Just to let you know, Blizzard is adding a way to do old LFRs come WoD, so you will still be able to get that gear even if you can’t level all your characters before the expansion drops. Good luck!


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