Chitsuro: Borean Episodes and Copro-Digging

Well, at least Borean Tundra is not covered in snow completely. So Chitsuro decided to make her contribution to Alliance Northrend campaign by helping the local residents as much as she could.

She tries not to settle long in one place (or her paws become slowly covered with ice), so she experienced nice short episodes.

First, the monk went to help more D.E.H.T.A.’s druids and found out that you can learn to speak fluent Murloc in no time. Rwlrwlrlwl!

D.E.H.T.A. Murloc-druid
This one though has a strong Darnassian accent. Wait, is that rubber suit?
Murloc Village Borean Tundra
Well, younglings saved and giant magical crab slayed, I better follow the road back.
Aurora Borealis
But not before I watch aurora borealis a bit more. This thing is probably what I like about Northrend most.

Up the hill and few minutes by wings to the East you come across a lively Gnomish airport. As all Gnome cities, it’s boiling with life, tinkering and cheerful Gnomes.

Hawks of Gnomeregan
No luggage check if you want to take a flight to Dalaran. So careless! Gnome-style, and I like it.

She couldn’t help herself and had some rest at a local tavern. Their beer drinks are all sparkling, refreshing (not that she needs any refreshment in winter though) and tickle Chitsuro’s nose. The only drawback: it’s still beer (unlike most Pandaren, Chitsuro prefers wines) and it also tastes a bit tin. Everything in Gnome cities tastes a bit like tin.

Gnome Tavern in Borean Tundra
– Waiter! One more of your sparkling bombs please. No-no-no, it’s a figure of speech, not a real bomb.
Gnome Tavern Borean Tundra
But you can’t really sleep here, on these short-short beds. As a Pandaren Monk, you can replace it with meditation.

Well, what can we do to help our fellow Alliance tinkers here?

It appeared that some mechanical gnomes wanted to turn everyone into iron constructs. No way, so we took their leaders down.

Mecha Gnomes
They said being a mechanical creature was trve. I better remain a soft furry poser!

With all Chitsuro’s hind paws and fists aching from beating up the metallic mischievous robotic villains, she headed south to investigate a Gnome plane crash.

Chitsuro and Plane
– Who blew up the crashed plane? Me?

She better did not! An injured Gnome gave her some ordinary tasks like cleaning up the mess – she never thought he meant it literally!

Chitsuro and Poops
– Deeper, deeper – there’s a microfilm piece there! If you’re lucky, of course.

*I wonder if people at Blizzard have a special obsessed guy who is assigned to invent poop-digging copro-quests. We have it in each and every expansion.*

By chance, she could not get rid of the stench completely. So she traveled a bit to east. There was an ancient spider cave. Mayluna helped to clean it from the Scourge before and left her nice gloves – as if she knew Chitsuro needs them!

The Night Elf also sent her a message that spider tunnels have an utmost entertaing attraction – free fall from 300 meters to the pool. And boy, it was awesome!

Free Fall in Azjol-Nerub
– Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Mayluna also wrote in her letter, that Nerubians want to re-build their empire here. Chitsuro hopes that they sell tickets for this attraction – in the end of all, re-building of an empire requires gold.

After changing her gloves, the monk is back to Borean Tundra, Few issues are left here actually. The main problem is Scourge of course.

Even the mightiest creatures could be poisoned by blight and enraged to kill everything in sight.

– No, Northrend is not nice and friendly!

Together with a Gnome sneaking expert we found a source:

Plague Cauldron
Plague cauldrons make Chitsuro sick. Blast it!

As if Chitsuro’s struggles with vomit weren’t enough, the Gnome sends her now to a fallen necropolis. At least it’s Alliance members to be saved, not those four-legged brutes. To the rescue!

Abomination at Talramas
Or later. I have a bad feeling that those guys aren’t friendly either.

There’s no way Chitsuro could pummel the whole Scourge population after a hard, long day. So now – to the tavern, for more sparkling beers!


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