Mayluna: Paths of the Druid in Sholazar

While healing her wounds from Angrathar massacre, Mayluna heard from local herbalists that not all Northrend is ice and snow. There actually is a valley where everything is lush and blooming.

Mayluna at Herbalist's
– You don’t say! Who could guide me there?

She won’t wait until morning (well, why should a Night Elf wait for morning anyways?). The druid had some difficult moments waking up the guy who could provide a convenient flight to the said heaven (if rumors were true).

Dalaran Landing Site
– You couldn’t wait until morning, could you? Alright… here’s keys to my brand new gnome-crafted plane. Don’t crush it!
Portal to Sholazar
– Don’t worry!
Sholazar Basin from the Plane
– By Elune! The rumors were true! I spend the rest of my life here!

Suddenly all excitement ceased in a blink of an eye. It’s hard to enjoy all the sights while not only on a rattling plane but when said plane is also being attacked!

Plane Attack Sholazar
– I’m a peaceful druid! I mean no harm!
Sholazar Plane Attack
Fire in the hole!
Sholazar Plane Crash
BAMM! – Sorry, kind man… I guess I’ll have to buy you a new plane… Someday.

With her wings not properly healed yet, Mayluna was lucky that Gnomes provided an emergency parachute. That was an interesting experience, your life depending on a piece of holey cloth.

Mayluna in Sholazar
– I wonder why they don’t shoot me now. Not that I’m complaining!
– Landing safe.. and the area is truly awesome! It’s like they told me!

She discovered that those mean guys don’t have a thing for killing intruders, only planes. Very druidic approach! Otherwise they would find and finish this helpless dwarf.

Mayluna and dwarf
– So, you say I’m safe here? – For now. Please get some help!

Mayluna helped to untie the poor thing, and he told her that Nesingwary’s camp was not far from here. Not at all approving hunting for sport, she decided not to go there, but headed to explore the Sholazar Basin (that’s how it is called). But Chitsuro is a fan of Nesingwary, so a message will be send to her.

With all the snakes hissing among the vines, it would be safer to fly. And discover a big creature who certainly was one of the Titans’ creations!

Avatar of Freya
– Get lost, you Scourge vermin!

The druid spent some uneasy minutes trying to dissuade her about Mayluna NOT being some Scourge henchwoman. And finally Avatar of Freya sensed the druid’s bonds with the nature. So Mayluna gladly joined her desperate attempts to repel the flowing undead unvasion. It was really an avalanche! She sneaked among titanic robots and brought to life the magnificent Endymion who crushed the Scourge leaders. Mayluna also helped as she could!

Fighting corpses in the name of the Sun and the Moon

Tired, but happy, she resided near Avatar of Freya to learn more about how life here was born. Who could reach an understanding better than a druid?

Avatar of Freya and Mayluna
– In Darnassus, we have those tree-houses.

P.S. Avatar of Freya is one of the most beautiful women in all Azeroth.

Avatar of Freya
She easily beats up Tyrande, Jaina and other beauties.



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