Azeroth Choppers, Or Get Yourself A New Garage!

“I want to ride my bicycle,
I want to ride my bike”
(c) Freddie M.

I can’t drive myself any vehicle IRL – and there’s no need actually, as owning a car or a bike in megapolis like St:Petersburg is less convenient, more expensive and gives you much more headache than public transportation. But rollin’ mounts for me are one of the best ways to explore roads of Azeroth.


  • I like the smoothness with which you’re moving across the locations. If you’re riding some night saber, you definitely want to vomit your guts out. If you ride a horse or a ram or a wolf, it seems that you don’t move fast enough. But a motor moves like gliding.
  • I like technology in WoW. All the engineering stuff both from Goblins and Gnomes bears unexplicable charm. And they all clang and engines roar!


  • Motorbikes roar. In a while it becomes tiresome, like with planes and striders and sky golems and whatever crafted things.

So I obtained all the motors possible so far. A while ago Schlitzchen crafted a choppa and bought tricycles from her fellow Goblin mates at Orgrimmar. Just in time: leveling Rottenshield came across a questline where the “Lost Vikings” of the Horde accompany you on the bikes!

Rottenshield and Bikes
Sons of Badlands Anarchy!

So, when they announced new choppers, I eagerly followed all the process of their creation. Congratulations for my Horde characters – they got a new bike now. But I voted for Alliance!

There is a reason actually. When I was little, I had a book of Russian children’s writer, Nikolay Nosov, about adventures of Neznaika (could be translated as “Know-nothing” or “Dunno”). It’s a trilogy about small cucumber-sized people (“shorties”), who have their own civilisation on Earth (and there are also shorties living inside the Moon). The second book “Neznaika in Sun City” described a travel from his village to a futuristic megalopolis (a sort of communist utopia). With all the mentioned technology wonders, I fell completely in love with the caterpillar bikes!

Dunno Bike
They used them as police bikes and in countryside too.

And now they offered me something like this in Warcraft – and that’s Alliance Chopper. Of course I’m gonna obtain it as soon as I can. The gold-deal would be only fair – Horde characters emptied their accounts for a choppa, so Alliance would save some cash and buy this caterpillar wonder:

Could possibly be my favourite mount, and I’m serious here.

P.S. I guess no one had a single moment of doubt that there will be two faction choppers in the game?



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