Barbaric Fashion, Or Don’t Throw Cool Things Away!

It was not until this winter that I finally discovered transmogrfication with my chars. Before that all the nice stuff was sold to vendors or disenchanted. But when I got a Conan-like Warrior set through questing scorched locations in Eastern Kingdoms, I finally knew that it is time to save a big wardrobe-bag at my bank for every char!

Just look at it: no man could possibly keep their heart at bay when looking at Backston clad like this:

Backston - Ogre Crafted Set
Bra is still way too much (I’m not attending swimming pool in Warcraft).
Backston - Ogre Crafted Set
But these leggins (or better say pants of steel) go well with almost every armor set.

From this very point I’m using transmogrification quite often. Though I’m not at a deliberate chase for the whole sets cause it takes much time and I tend to keep my chars dressed up to the actual expansion style. All in all I like the sets of Pandarian raids, so my chars view is heavily based on it. My transmogrification often touches weapons (I like my Shaman fighting with the identical claws, and my Paladin likes halberds and spears very, very much) and I change the view of an item that really bothers me (for example, Backston’s current raid belt was blinking like a traffic light – it was changed to something calmer from Thunder raids).

The coolest examples of changing items so far are:

1. A sword and an off-hand for Micromantica the Frost Mage – the sword is a glowing thin ice blade and off-hand has spinning planets! (it’s from my first ever run in Ulduar 2 months ago).

2. These very pants for Backston. I keep and use them again and again.

3. As for weapons, I kept many Pandarian claws for Shaman at my bank and coolest Alliance-themed sword ever for Backston – the Greatsword of Koffrina Kotr (given for the very first quests in Pandaria). And my Fury Warrior Rottenshield now dual-wields the amazing golden glowing hammers from Hellfire Citadel (from boss Omor).

Greatsword of Koffrina Kotr
Greatsword of Koffrina Kotr – just look at the blade! It has a lion head, it’s big and all shiny! There’s nothing better for the Alliance warrior. Oh yes, and said pants are on.

So even if you never tried transmogrification before – don’t throw away cool items when questing. Keep them!

Let’s have a look at Backton once again (never enough):

Backston - The Sexiest Girl of Stormwind
Backston – The Sexiest Girl of Stormwind

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