Mayluna and Rottenshield: A Road to Angrathar

For the epic battle at Angrathar I followed both questlines of Horde and Alliance. Rottenshield resided at Agmar’s Hammer and helped to join Taunka with Horde. The liberation of Icemist Village was not as exciting as it supposed to be. It was a field of yellow pools and spider eradication which vividly reminded Rottenshield waking up at some lousy tavern after a good party with lots of strong alohol – same yellow liquids all over the place and occasional insects here and there. At least the nasty spiders were driven back from the outside to their tunnels and we could head north to aid Saurfang Junior.

Mayluna’s journey was much more interesting. So she even clutched a gnome-made camera in her raven paws and made some remarkable shots.

Alliance forces from Wintergarde Keep could not move to Angrathar Gates as long as they lost half of their city and were constantly under press of the Undead. In best Scourge traditions, the town was swarmed with Scourge warriors and had more coming. To find out the source (as if the bulk of Naxxramas over our heads is not enough) we had to perform a torture ritual to the former mayor of the city.

Inquisitor and Ghoul
It seems each zone here has a torture quest – Northrend is a harsh place. Btw, the priest wears the coolest shoulderplates I’ve seen so far in the whole game!

The ghoul revealed us truth about a nasty lich hidden in crypt just below our walls! And we couldn’t head to fight with him at once. He was hidden beyond dozens of Undead and had Plague Vagons all over the city. With some help of Gnome Tanks we cleansed the area and brought the needed ammo supplies to the crypt.

Crypt in Dragonblight - Shooting Ghouls
They let Mayluna shoot the ghouls! Even a nature-bound, peaceful druid strongly enjoyed the entertainment. We should install a pair of these things in Darnassus.
Sneaking Feral
Then Mayluna sneaked through some stinky catacombs to find out the truth about how to find and kill the Lich. Worms everywhere.

Of course nothing is simple here. For some reason the Lich put a philactery at a great wyrm and told him to fly somewhere there. Wise move, if you think twice. Can we manage a frost wyrm? Yes.

Authorities at the Keep told us there was a hunting party who were chasing the undead behemoths in the vast snowy plains. Strange enough, Mayluna had to convince a guy to do his job. He was not happy with it. Maybe he had a toothache? He could only ask for a heal from her!

– “Shoot me a dragon! Please?” – “Um… I don’t know.”

Finally we shot a dragon and beat the un-life out of him! But before Mayluna could take a picture with the fallen behemoth, it simply crumbled to pieces of ice and bone! Next time – she should spend less time making her hair look perfect.

But at least she saw a walking giant!

On her way back, the druid couldn’t help but take a minute to admire the magnificent northern lights and dragon bones. And she caught a glimpse of Nozdormu himself!

Nozdormu! i like this elusive Aspect most of all.
Dragonblight - Dragon Bones
It literally takes your breath away.

When you get back to Wintergarde Keep, you start to suspect that even killing the Lich won’t solve the problem completely. Hello, a Necropolis is right over youre heads! Are they all blind?

Wintergarde Keep and Naxxramas
Seriously, it must be dealt with. Who are you gonna call?

And we got to the Lich finally. That was a frightening experience and he would turn us all to undead, if not for lord Bolvar. This guy saved the day. Really, the Human valiance is what any other race cannot deny.

Summoning the Lich
*Where are you, bone-head?*
Bolvar and Lich
Bolvar saved us all. Liches ARE that scary. Don’t forget about it!

And then Mayluna went to the bitter fate at Angrathar gate… Only by mercy of the red dragonflight she’s alive and is healing her wounds at Dalaran. Where next? She will decide soon.


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