Chitsuro: When You Meet Your First Dragon Aspect

Chilled to the bone, Chitsuro had to stuck all possible fur scraps inside her leather wear. While helping out the red dragonflight in Coldarra she gathered some finest scales from the blue dragonkin to craft some finer Northrend-style outfit. Though these kills were not frowned upon this time by any druids, it angered the Aspect of Magic himself!

With your favourite consort dead, no mercy is possible.

Chitsuro was lucky to get out of Malygos’ way. Of course he was enraged, she and red dragons killed his consort Saragosa! Don’t know whether it was a wise move, he’s already on the edge of madness and it is gonna add up of course.

Frightened Pandaren retreated back to Valiance Keep. They say that some mysterious friendly Tuskarr are in need of help. To deal with the mad Malygos, we must now send a letter to Micromantica – after all, the Dragon is after the mages. She will see to it.


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