Chitsuro: D.E.H.T.A. and Skinner

Pandaren monk Chitsuro is exploring the tundra and found a D.E.H.T.A. camp. She thinks druids are doing important things of course, but what to do when you need some fine northern leathers?

The situation is more complex cause they asked her to bring some ears of Hemet’s fellows. And she hunted for skins both in Stranglethorn and Nagrand, following Nesingwary’s tracks to Sholazar now…

Ignorance is bliss?

Though she stole things from Hemet’s party and helped to free some elephant cubs, Chitsuro couldn’t help but skin some already dead ones on her way. All in the eyes of the small cub whom she was bringing to safety by druids’ request (she looked back so they didn’t see her).

Now she feels like double traitor. Moral dilemmas are so dilemmas…


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