Tuning More Faces

After the first days when all the excitement and embarassment about new models calmed a little, I reviewed some of the new looks again.


Yes, she will keep her new looks that I chose from her. She’s still a bit grim, but it will do with a warlock. See, even children approve it and want to hug her!



The trick was actually to select the right haircut. All her history she was running with a green mohawk and braids:


But now I remembered the beauty from Zangarmarsh troll camp, and made her haircut like this:


That’s MUCH better. Only the white color that was at an original troll girl suits more for a caster. Since she’s a Rogue, she had to be more sneaking. So – grayed:


Now that’s a girl you want to ask out on a date!

The only drawback is that her ponytail funnily bumps up and down when running. But I guess I could live with that.


The renewed sinister looks were changed in to a beautiful, but bony face:


She felt so awkward, so disproportional and tall. So I had to do some changes. First, it’s the face (not so long). I saw a cool girl at Thunder Bluff with exactly the face I wanted and went to Barbershop to get the same. And second, it’s the haircut which must not add to the overall height but be more calm and cover the neck too – to make all the figure more balanced, less stretched. Aaaaand a bit of rotting festers to make face not so awkwardly smooth. Strange enough, but these festers made her way more interesting and more cute – maybe because they act like warpaint or extra shadows:



That did the trick. Another girl to be asked out :=)


I’m still not happy with her outlooks, so she’ll be reviewed again in a while.

So, my points for final results: 

  • Micromantica: 10/5 (!)
  • Microfury: 4/5
  • Backston: 2,5/5
  • Mayluna: 4/5
  • Salash: 4/5
  • Zindari: 5/5
  • Rottenshield: 5/5

Take A Carrot From A Donkey?

I must admit that I like all this Epic Cloak thing in the end of all.

No! I’m still not doing it for any of my chars, but here’s the point: it’s a carrot that attracts many people into LFRs and lets me find the groups for raiding.

I suppose if the Epic Cloak thing would have been dismissed with latest patch, it would be very, very, very hard to queue up succesfully and find a group. Yes, people still want to dress up in SoO, but I suppose it would be way harder.

Let’s see an example: before patch, Valor points did matter. So I could find a group for dungeon or scenario in no time. Now – it’s almost impossible, because Valor-carrot is gone, and no one wants to do dungeons and scenarios anymore.

Rottenshield queued up and successfully found and did 2 raids yesterday. At the same time she queued up for dungeons (because she needs bonus reputation with Celestials). You know what? 2 hours of waiting, and NO dungeon group was found,

So bless the carrots :) they prove useful even if you don’t need them yourself.

Things Before WoD: Updated-2

One more glance at my Things Before WoD to-do-list, and here’s what we see.

1. Professions.

  • All my chars now maxed their main professions up to 600.
  • All my chars now are Zen Masters in First Aid and their respective Cooking Ways.
  • Most of them have completed their realistic goals to craft what has to be crafted.
  • No point to charge Chitsuro with crafting 553 legs and belt for herself and Mayluna: with daily cooldowns, there will be no time – and when Draenor hits the ground, also there will be no use cause quest rewards will be better.
  • Still a question if Backston will learn to craft all glyphs. While she doesn’t miss a day to learn a new glyph, the whole glyph list at official website doesn’t match with her actually learned ones, and now the whole glyph system was changed. But she’s trying.
  • New goal for Rottenshield: Royal Satchels for all hordies. It’s at least 10+ bags (two for every of them), but two stop signs here: Exalted with August Celestials to get a recipe (she was grinding it, so 4-5 days) and cooldown on Imperial Silk. She has mats for 3 bags already, and hopefully when Silk cooldown will be off with WoD, she’ll do it in a blink of an eye. So recipe is the main goal now – and collecting enough mats through Farm too.

2. Tillers Reputation

  • I need my farms to be fully equipped with a rich domestic life, an orange tree from Sho, a mailbox from Gina, a furniture from Tina. And a drunkard in my pond of course. Summer houses! I think I manage to be Best Friends with all of them – and for all of my chars. It’s actually very fun, requires doing calm dailies while waiting for raids, and cooking LOTS of food. Tip: when I fly throughout farmlands for quests, I also look at the ground for dark soil blobs to dig out extra small 900 rep thingies. I’ll be missing the farm I think.

3. Complete Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar LFRs for everyone. 

  • Just to put a tick.

4. Dressing Up In Siege of Orgrimmar Gear

  • First I wanted to try and dress my latest 4 toons in the gear that at least has an impact on my looks: that is, weapons, chest, gloves, leggins, shoulders and boots (the latest – from pre-arranged cool sets). Now let’s be realistic: it won’t work. There’s 3-4 weeks left, and chances to be cool and lucky are not very high. I ran all quarters of SoO with Mayluna yesterday, and she got 2 staves, a ring and a necklace. Sheer luck, even while she used Warforged Seals for every significant boss. But I will try nevertheless.

5. Completing quest chains from Iron tide for everyone.

  • Did for 1 hordie, 1 ally. Both identical and dull. But I’m a perfectionist *sigh*

Plastic Toon Surgery, Or What Happened To Your Face?

Yesterday I devoted like an hour polishing the new looks for my characters.

The main problem goes as follows: model reboot is not only improving the looks, it changes the toons’ characters as well. So it appeared that some of my toons like visited a psychologist and completely changed their personality. I couldn’t leave it like that, so I spent huge amounts of gold polishing their outlook.

Schlitzchen, Chitsuro and Ilmari, being respectively a goblin, a pandaren and a blood elf, for obvious reasons didn’t participate in the marathon. But others were changed.

The additional difficulty is that you mostly see your character’s face at the login screen, and it differs a bit from the game. So the new face has to look good everywhere. When selecting a new face, I chose one that I like, then logout, see how it looks at login, and then login again.

And here’s what we’ve got.


Micromantica the Gnome Mage. She’s probably the only toon that was left as she was. Her new looks are the most kawaii thing I saw in the last months (and I saw a stroller filled with 9 Chinchilla cats in Japan, mark you!). When she runs, her jumping pigtails make me cry with tears of emotion (literally!).


Microfury the Gnome Warlock. The new face is actually very good, but she appeared to be pretty sinister. So I changed her to a more calm face, although her eyes are now brown, not blue.


Backston the Human Warrior. That was tough. She spent a THOUSAND of gold, testing this and that looks. Still, I didn’t get what I wanted. The reason is, that the new style of drawing humans makes them look 2 ways: it’s either a redneck simpleton or a heavy drug user with sunk-in cheeks and sharp cheekbones. Moreover, it seems that Tyson Murphy is a fan of actor Evan Peters because all human girls resemble him this or that way! I tried and tried. Tried and tried. I managed to find a face pretty enough, but still it has almost nothing to do with a smooth round beauty Backston once was.


Mayluna the Night Elf Druid. Her automatically updated face has such a vague and silly outlook that she seems to be asking: Whaaaa… Can I color my purse pink please? Actually there was a very good choice from new Night Elf females. All types of emotions, so the main trick here was to combine the night elven corpsepaint and the new face to go together. Still, at character selection screen her eyes shine very bright and spoil all the looks a bit :=) At least she’s very cool in-game now.


Salash the Orc Huntress. Her old face was prettiest of all options, but the renewed one also had vague silly looks. So I changed her to a more focused and orcish-brutal. Was easy.


Rottenshield the Undead Warrior. I chose the prettiest and neutral face cause the renewed one was sly and sinister. There’s a small drawback cause she’s so tall and bony and having banshee-Marge Simpson-like haircut and current shoulder plates don’t help much too. Maybe I will review her again, but for now she’s so disproportional and awkward.


Zindari the Troll Rogue. Many options for troll females, but only one face was “pretty”. She’ll stay with the automatically updated one, cause the rest are uglier (in a good way). After all, I started a troll female after I saw a stunning beauty at a Zangarmarsh Horde camp. But I guess I have to get used to it, because – well, she’s a troll, not a super-model.

As for gameplay: the rotations for all chars became very smooth and cool now, but I’m killing mobs with 2 blows. Too easy?..

Have you guys changed the models of your characters?

Subtitles in my WoW? An option now!

Oh, and there’s one more very, very important thing that I forgot to mention.

It doesn’t concern you guys playing WoW in English. But as a Russian user I’m playing WoW at a Russian server, and that means that I had to have all my WoW written and pronounced in Russian.

Localization is actually one of the best (well, it’s Blizzard), but still, an option to switch on original speech and in-game original texts was not available. Until now.

There’s an option to switch on English texts and English speech – SEPARATELY. So here’s my choice: I tried and liked to switch on original speech, but texts were left as they were – in Russian.

Now it’s like watching a movie or tv series with subtitles (which I normally do).

There will be no more facepalm voices of female orcs and pandaren. But voice actress for Jaina is much, much better in Russian, mark you :=)

P.S. No post should go without a picture, so here’s one:

WoWScrnShot_100714_223303Obviously someone got mad and provided a wedding feast (although there was no wedding running). Zindari is literally shocked (she never detected the chef who did this).

Patch 6.0.2.: Classes and Faces – Part 1

As Patch 6.0.2. hit European realms yesterday, like everybody else I was testing what happened to my beloved toons.

I didn’t rush at full speed to new content and decided to devote my first time in patch into 3 directions.

1. Testing class mechanics. I’m not a hardcore player, so the goal was not to grab a calculator and spend the evening counting damage and stats. I wanted to see if there will be any significant changes in my rotations and if I kill the normal creatures in the world as smoothly as before.

2. Testing new faces. There were significant changes, and they are not just improvements. The face expressions changed as well, so I must seriously decide about going to Barbershop/Plastic Surgery for some of my toons.

3. Dressing up my lowest ilvl toons – it requires only going to a cave near Throne of Thunder and purchasing the 522 items for gold (GOOD amount of gold, mark you).

So, here’s what we have.

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Durumu: Nailed It!

Waiting for the patch yesterday I did some routines and ran a raid with Mayluna, preparing her for Iron Tide. There was no good loot from 2 quarters of Throne of Thunder, but whatevs.


The trick was actually very easy – my mistake was running a bit hastily, ahead of the group (I was too afraid that the deathray would kill me). And I just had to linger a bit, waiting for the new gaps to appear.

We almost wiped! But see, see: I survived! :)

Mayluna actually was a hero yesterday: she not only survived the death ray, but also battle-rezzed one of the healers and cast a healing AoE upon the survived remains of the raid (although she’s a Balance). This pretty much helped to finish the blob :)

What is left to do in this post is to quote one of my favourite cartoon heroes:

(c) Fluttershy